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Dust Emission Control System

As the latest requirement from Malaysia government, all biomass boiler is required to implement Dust Emission Control System to ensure the air dischatge into the air is fulfilling DOE requirement.  In order to achieve the air discharge quality level, biomass boiler has to install an effective dust filtration system.

Skill Energy has worked with several boiler manufacturer on setting up Dust Emission Control system for many biomass boiler users.  Through our knowledge, we strongly recommend Electrostatic Percipitator System.

Why Choose Electrostatic Percipitator (ESP)

There are many boiler manufacturer is designing their own Electrostatic Percipitator (ESP), here we recommended a ESP system from Mackenzie Industries Sdn. Bhd.  Their ESP system comes with the below main features:

  • Peforated and adjustable screens over entire cross-section of ESP to ensure ideal distribution of flue gas.
  • Unique and rigid aerodynamic plate configuration with geometrical shape to prevent re-entrainment.
  • Rugged design eliminates possibility of electrical short circuits.
  • Effective rapping acceleration up to enire height of collecting plate.
  • Low power consumption and low maintenance cost.

Why Choose VORSEP Dust Collection System

VORSEP is another Dust Collection System if you do not want to install ESP.  VORSEP is a dedicated design tube which uses centrifugal separation effect to separate solid dust from the discharge air.  The VORSEP dust collection system comes with below features:

  1. Efficient dust separation with low pressure drop and minimum wear maintenance.
  2. Compact and easily mount on tube panel.
  3. Could custom made to ensure minimum modification.
  4. Dry Filtration System with Installation Felxibility.

Skill Energy has implemented many Dust Emission Control System for our customer.  We will analyze and examine individual plant characteristic before recommended the suitable dust collection system.