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Boiler VE Services

Operate an efficient boiler operation requires affort from many parties, this include boiler VE Engineer.  In Skill Energy, we do provide boiler VE engineer services for many mills operation, our VE service cover entire Malaysia, include Sabah and Sarawak.

Boiler VE Qualification

In Skill Energy, our boiler engineers are qualified boiler certification and many years experiences in boiler industry.  Our VE engineers qualification:

  • Certified 1st or 2nd grade steam engineer
  • Oil and gas certification
  • At least 10 years experience in relavant boiler industry
  • Site visit

Boiler VE Services

There are several aspect we will cover while we perform boiler VE service in the site.

  • Boiler performance inspection
  • Equipment inspection
  • Maintainance support
  • Outage planning
  • Boiler knowledge training

Boiler Engineering Service

Our boiler VE service also include engineering studies and solution given.  During our site visit, we are not only identify any noncomformance for boiler operation but also provide boiler engineering upgrading to fulfil the needs.

Our  job scope for performing Boiler VE:

  1. To perform inspection on the integrity on steam boilers operation. This includes the inspection of boilers, burners, thermal deaerator, water softener, boiler water analysis and data recording by operators;
  2. Frequency: To carry out a minimum Two (2) visits on the said inspection every month;
  3. To submit an official inspection report to JKKP every end of calendar month.
  4. The inspection includes post-boilers overhaul inspection, every year.

Our boiler engineering works includes:

  1. Boiler upgrading
  2. Dust emission control
  3. Design modification
  4. Boiler operation financial analysis

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