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Design of Steam Boiler

Under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967, each steam boiler to be manufactured or brought into this country needs a valid certificate of fitness (CF) before it may be used. Therefore, approval of the steam boiler design needs to be obtained in advance from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) before it can be manufactured, installed or used.
Application may be made by the manufacturing company, installer, supplier or owner of the steam boiler. Local boiler manufacturers need to register as a manufacturer with the department
The following are several examples of steam boilers that must be registered:
 1. Water tube steam boiler
 2. Fire tube steam boiler
 3. Electric steam boiler
 4. Waste heat recovery boiler
Equipment such as the thermal oil heater and hot water boiler too need to be registered although they do not produce steam.
The following is the information needed for approval of the steam boiler design: