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Biomass Boiler

Biomass is classed as a renewable energy source and is considered carbon neutral as the modest amounts of carbon dioxide released during combustion are replaced by what is absorbed as tree grow.


Biomass boiler is generally fired on wood products such as yard clipping, wood chip, this are more often for those country with more wood supply. However, in Malaysia, we introduce oil palm fibre or EFB fibre as an alternative of biomass media. Many green-thinking companies are now converting fossil fuel boiler to biomass boiler by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This can also generate earning by saving money on energy costs and also sale of carbon credits. More importance, achieve energy independence and no longer be at the mercy of the oil market.


As biomass becomes a more popular fuel, however there still have been concerns raised about security of supply. Since oil palm fibre is the by-products for crude palm oil mill, supply is not always being a concern however the biomass power plant size has heavily constraint by the biomass availability around the area. Transport cost has been one of the key economic factors for biomass power plant. Pellet form of biomass product will be preferable in such application.


Common with other types of combustion appliances, biomass boilers are potentially a source of air pollution. Pollutants associated with biomass combustion include particulate and nitrogen oxides emissions. These pollution emissions can have an impact on local air quality and affect human health. Before your decision going for biomass boiler, ensure the boiler combustion complying the local rules and regulation in order to protect local air quality.


We have many years working experience on biomass boiler and having good knowledge in boiler energy management projects through sustainable solution for renewable energy. Meanwhile, we also have good relation with several oil palm fibre providers to secure the supply chain.


We had heard many successful stories by installing biomass boiler that cut bill to 40%, if you are interested on assess your current energy system from an independent specialist; you are more welcome to call us for our consultation service