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Course Title: Boiler Operator Training, Lesson 101

1 Day Program

This 1 day course focuses on the practical application of safe and efficient boiler operation with sufficient classroom theory to ensure understanding of the importance and reason for these procedures.

New boiler operators and more experienced boiler operators who need to fill knowledge gaps.

Course Language:



Training Course Contents:

1) Steam Boiler

2) Raising steam

3) Boiler shutdown

4) Testing procedures

5) Safety and health precaution

6) Dealing with operating emergencies

7) Maintaining documents & records



Each module is followed by a knowledge check that is not graded.  In fact, correct answers are provided with the appropriate reference, this is mainly for reinforcing information presented in the previous module.



Student attend and pass the course testing will be issued a certificate to show proof possess basic knowledge as a Boiler Operator.
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